The Spoonbill Generator

Aspirated Eyeball, Innit?

It started with a glottal stop [loaf]

It ended with a sigh [Beefy]

But in between, the gliding vowels [loaf]

Indicative of loosened bowels [Beefy]

Unleashed their doleful cry [loaf]

It ended with a missing 'g' [Beefy]

It started with an 'I' [loaf]

But in between, the lisping drawl [Beefy]

That indicates a missing ball [Roland]

Passed, unsuspected, by [Beefy]

Envoi [loaf]

The Prince! The love-besotted Prince [Kevin Andrew Murphy]

His ev'ry utterance makes me wince [loaf]

Contributors: loaf, Beefy, Roland, Kevin Andrew Murphy.
Poem finished: 27th May 2004 by Beefy.