The Spoonbill Generator

Profit From Jaaaaazzzzzzzz

When any lowbrow tunesmith offers notes [(trad)]

Can anyone graciously extol [erie]

The sanctity of a Miles Davis quote [Stacy Alexander]

Providing outré rhythms to each roll [Beefy]

"Kind of Blue" gets my vote [Karin]

(Oh, view each row! Shall I garotte her, tell?) [(trad)]

Have I now damned eternally my innocence to Hell? [Beefy]

So many errors that are not addressed [loaf]

Such as a certain line in indigo [erie]

In violet, exceptionally stressed [loaf]

"So outlaw uniformity", says Abendego [Beefy]

(Delete erratic lines, I usefully suggest) [loaf]

Just so, by anyone conjoining here [Beefy]

Here, at your designated niche [Grayman]

Bacchus rewards us, circulates hashish [Beefy]

Contributors: (trad), erie, Stacy Alexander, Beefy, Karin, loaf, Grayman.
Poem finished: 26th May 2004 by Anon..