The Spoonbill Generator

Adjectives On Steroids

So sullen was he, in his melancholy wistfulness, [Kansas Sam]

That he trampled upon a purple thistle-nest [Apsley]

"What sly ape hath wrought this hazard?", he yelped [Kansas Sam]

As his parents this youth on Shakespeare had whelped [Apsley]

Empurpled bruises look sexy, ya know [erie]

They give one a kind of ethereal glow [Beefy]

Except for that nasty one there on your toe [Stacy Alexander]

but a good sucked cock isn't just for show [Jon Bunten]

So solemn was she, in her bombazine ballgown [Beefy]

I strove to place an adjective in front of every noun [erie]

"What an obsessive pedant!", she cried [Beefy]

He quaffed wine with strong tablets I laughed when he died [Nigel Sly]

Sure, neat precision is what we all seek [Beefy]

Lest robin go hungry when worm squirms from beak [asdf]

Let's egg on the strong to look after the weak [Beefy]

once they've stolen an Earth first bequeathed to the meek [asdf]

Contributors: Kansas Sam, Apsley, erie, Beefy, Stacy Alexander, Jon Bunten, Nigel Sly, asdfBeefy, asdf.
Poem finished: 25th May 2004 by Beefy.