The Spoonbill Generator

Meaty Beaty Big And Bonsai

Sausage, when the time is right [loaf]

For you to disappear from sight, [Apsley]

Flee with kishka and kielbasa [erie]

Causing one to ask "Que pasa?" [Beefy]

If you feel you're on a roll [loaf]

Heat the dog to make you whole [Beefy]

Yet if you choose to cock your tail [loaf]

Seeking snackdom's holy grail [Beefy]

Lanced upon some spindly stick [loaf]

Disappearing double-quick [Beefy]

Down the throats of debutantes [loaf]

Giving each one what she wants [Beefy]

Grounding all the vol-au-vents [loaf]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, erie, Beefy.
Poem finished: 24th May 2004 by Beefy.