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We Flee Toward The Far Journey

It is time, I think we'd all agree, [Beefy]

To carpool in my sweet new SUV [Kansas Sam]

We'll leave the traffic far behind [Beefy]

And gnaw upon a lemon rind [erie]

To prove that we no longer mind [Beefy]

The tartness of the acid rain [Kansas Sam]

It brings but little pain to such as we [Beefy]

I've topped the tank, as follows Nature's plan, [Kansas Sam]

And stocked up with some jerkey and seitan [D]

And now shoot forth, full speed ahead [erie]

Don't look back but take some bread [caz]

Remember, you're a long time dead [Beefy]

So seize the day and breathe the air [Kansas Sam]

And sunbathe nude to get that even tan [erie]

Envoi: [(trad)]

To walk is fine, to drive sublime [Beefy]

But writing verse? A waste of time ... [Anon.]

Contributors: Beefy, Kansas Sam, erie, D, caz, (trad), loaf.
Poem finished: 21st May 2004 by Beefy.