The Spoonbill Generator

Motherhood In The Pasture

Diapering tushies is really a bummer [erie]

my diabetic fanciables are sweating in the summer [rótb]

What a pity! My baby is dumber [erie]

'Tis just as well I brought along a fat post natal plumber [rótb]

He'll take us to the country in his crimson-coloured Hummer [Beefy]

clackmannon. Cackamannon. Persimmon. Nes't pas? [Anon.]

Hogtying piggies is really a downer [erie]

Whoever thinks a farmer has it soft's a real clowner [Beefy]

What a pity! His skin just gets browner [asdf]

'Tis just as well I brought along a curious out-of-towner [Beefy]

For at the seaside (I admit) I felt an urge to drown her [erie]

Backgammon, sack Mammon. Curse women – Hezbollah ... [loaf]

Contributors: erie, rótb, Beefy, Anon., asdf, loaf.
Poem finished: 12th May 2004 by Anon..