The Spoonbill Generator

Surprise Dentistry

At a quarter past one on the fifteenth of May [erie]

My trousers fell down as I rolled in the hay [Apsley]

The mice started giggling, on seeing my thong [Kansas Sam]

I ventured to tell them it wouldn't take long [Beefy ]

To thrash them from here to the bay of Hong Kong [Apsley]

If they rat-out my pubic toupée [asdf]

At a quarter to three on the fifteenth of June [Beefy ]

I shaved all the fur off my favorite raccoon [erie]

The crows started cawing, on seeing him bare [Beefy ]

So I quickly concealed him under a chair [erie]

Where he could don the queen's underwear [Apsley]

And murmur her signature tune [Ethetran]

At a quarter past five on the fifteenth of March [erie]

I tied up McRonald and chopped down his arch [asdf]

The crowd started cheering, they thought it was fun [Beefy]

That clown got McRibbed as he baked in the sun [Kansas Sam]

No more will we munch BSE in a bun [Beefy]

And McRonald still swings from a larch [Karin]

Contributors: erie, Apsley, Kansas Sam, Beefy, asdf, Ethetran, Karin.
Poem finished: 9th May 2004 by Apsley.