The Spoonbill Generator

Marmots Roam Willy-nilly Across Naked And Glistening Tundras

Make love to me as if you'd spent [Apsley]

A lifetime 'neath the sea [loaf]

For mermen turn me on, you know [Erie]

And facilitate entry [Apsley]

To all the reeking, rotten wrecks [Roland]

That fester on the bed [Apsley]

They call themselves The Fairer Sex [Anon.]

(Though none of them is wed) [Apsley]

Make love to me as if you knew [erie]

My vulva from my arse [Apsley]

For doctors turn me on, you know [Beefy ]

Although their charms are sparse [loaf]

I love to see a stethoscope [Beefy ]

Around my lover's throat [dok]

And place it on my periscope, [Apsley]

(Though not when I'm afloat) [Beefy ]

Envoi [loaf]

Hubba-hubba, curlicues! [erie]

Fantasies can cure the blues [Beefy]

Contributors: Apsley, loaf, Erie, Roland, RolandApsley, erie, Beefy, dok.
Poem finished: 29th April 2004 by Anon..