The Spoonbill Generator

Unsettled Directions

From the Baltic, travel North [Apsley]

Until your nose grows icicles [dok]

If your leg doth not carry forth [Sid Poite]

Then ride to Minsk on bicycles [dok]

Turn three times, and venture West [Beefy ]

Then touch yourself and holler [Erie]

You should have worn a thicker vest [Grayman]

Or at least a sable collar [Erie]

Change your course and wander South [Beefy ]

(Your mammy hails from Dixie) [Erie]

If you're feeling down in the mouth [TG]

It's because your puppy licks me [Erie]

Plot a line, forever East [dok]

As though 'twere occidental [Erie]

Then tie a halter on the Beast [Beefy ]

Whose mien is far from gentle [loaf]

Envoi: [Beefy ]

When Rasputin calls for fish [Apsley]

Serve it with a big knish [Karin]

Contributors: Apsley, dok, Sid Poite, Beefy, Erie, Grayman, TG, loaf, Karin.
Poem finished: 28th April 2004 by Anon..