The Spoonbill Generator

Looking Lively And Feeling Crap

Can this be it? Can Spring be here? [TG]

Do I detect a swelling? [dok]

I'm glad to see you, too, my dear [Erie]

Though kindly cease your yelling [dok]

I'd like to gesture in your ear [Apsley]

With this, my new machete [loaf]

Wait, darling, let me pour a beer [Erie]

Upon you on the settee [Apsley]

That ought to quell your appetite [loaf]

Why, thank you, sweetie, yes [erie]

So do not ask to stay the night [Roland]

In this godawful mess [Apsley]

Can this be it? Can night have come? [loaf]

Is that your lunch I'm smelling? [Apsley]

No, darling--my, but you are dumb! [erie]

'Tis merely dawn expelling [dok]

Contributors: TG, dok, Erie, Apsley, loaf, erie, Roland.
Poem finished: 26th April 2004 by Apsley.