The Spoonbill Generator

Amulets As Fishcakes

When I went to Inverness [Apsley]

In search of wisdom, more or less, [P]

All the people on the train [Roland]

Gave me whisky, pure as rain [Apsley]

As I drained the second shot [loaf]

Clouds of wisdom, dank and hot, [Apsley]

Filled my head with golden light [Beefy ]

But something felt just not quite right [P]

It wasn't LSD, I knew, [Apsley]

That always turns my kneecaps blue [Grayman]

Or turpentine from upper Dee [Apsley]

I ruled that out immediately [Grayman]

Usquebaugh - it might have been - [Apsley]

Aqua vitae, pure and clean [Grayman]

From furthest Oban, on the shore [Apsley]

Or Islay, west a little more [Grayman]

The thing I missed was olives green! [Apsley]

Olives "were" I'm sure you mean [Nigel Sly]

No harm to those who like to bask [Beefy ]

In an Amontillado cask [Grayman]

What we learn from this is clear: [Beefy ]

Singular verbs with nouns appear, [Apsley]

How oft we like to say, "Avast!" [Anon.]

When drinking Scotch at quarter-past [Beefy ]

Thus, with toping, I've found out [Apsley]

That those who take their turn to shout [Beefy ]

And twist like Lennon on a scream [asdf]

White room was a song by Cream [Nigel Sly]

Bollocks all, I must conclude! [Apsley]

Only now, by being crude [loaf]

At poem's tail and bottle's end, [Apsley]

Goodfellow shall make amend [Beefy ]

Contributors: Apsley, P, Roland, loaf, Beefy, Grayman, Nigel Sly, Anon., asdf.
Poem finished: 19th April 2004 by Apsley.