The Spoonbill Generator

Chesse-topped Minstrels

This diversion - to the moon! - [Apsley]

Is not the usual tourist route [Beefy ]

For those who seek the Stone of Scone [loaf]

(Though why they'd want to's somewhat moot) [Beefy ]

I tend to take the train from Leith [Roland]

To shelter from the storms beneath [Beefy ]

And yet, in spite of all its turns, [Apsley]

The track does get to Inverness [loaf]

The bagpipes play while Robbie burns [Beefy ]

The suit that leads to all dourness [Apsley]

I tend to look the other way [loaf]

To the shimmering Bridge of Tay [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, loaf, Roland.
Poem finished: 19th April 2004 by Anon..