The Spoonbill Generator

Tales Of Someone Taller Than Expected

Tell me, O Wanderer, whom do you seek? [TG]

Can it not wait until sometime next week? [P]

If you return when the moon's in the East [Roland]

I shall reveal all I know, or at least [P]

Some of the knowledge I used to pretend [Roland]

Was crucial to anyone seeking a friend [TG]

But not being certain which mask to prepare [Roland]

Tell me, O Wanderer, why do you roam? [TG]

Is there some defect at large in your home? [Roland]

If you return when the moon's in the West [TG]

I shall explain all I can, or at best [Roland]

Give you good reason to question your fate [P]

And plant certain prejudice deep in your pate [Roland]

In case the emotions are too much to bear [TG]

Tell me, O Wanderer, when will you rest? [P]

Can you not see you're becoming a pest? [TG]

If you return when the moon's in the South [Roland]

I shall pass on what I learned, word of mouth, [TG]

Albeit garbled with cryptic intent [Roland]

So that what you may hear may not be what I meant [TG]

Although, as I guess, you do not really care [Roland]

Tell me, O Wanderer, what is your goal? [TG]

May I suggest that you make it The Pole? [Roland]

If you return when the moon's in the North [TG]

We shall regret that you ever set forth [Roland]

To take up our time with your fruitless research [TG]

And tempt us in rage to reach out for the birch [Roland]

We'll find where you came from and whip you back there [TG]

Contributors: TG, P, Roland.
Poem finished: 31st March 2004 by Anon..