The Spoonbill Generator

Milk Manoeuvres

Free, with every Guernsey cow [loaf]

You'll find a toy surprise [asdf]

Which is a fully working dhow [Apsley]

Of microscopic size [Roland]

So milk the cow, and sail its junk [asdf]

Into a sea of your own spunk [Apsley]

Until it's passed your eyes [loaf]

Free from every kind of care [Beefy ]

You'll sport a foolish grin [asdf]

That came to you from Aberdare [Apsley]

But was not welcomed in [loaf]

By ghostly horseman, or the hunt, [Apsley]

Who could not tell their rear from front [Beefy ]

Until they scuffed your skin [loaf]

Free, with every house that's sold [Beefy ]

You'll get a dismal view [loaf]

Of chimneys grey and bleak and cold [Beefy ]

And neighbours who will sue [Roland]

Your arse from here to Khazakstan [Apsley]

Or pee into your watering-can [loaf]

Until you leave the queue [Beefy ]

Contributors: loaf, asdf, Apsley, Roland, Beefy.
Poem finished: 24th March 2004 by Anon..