The Spoonbill Generator

Refusenik Attitudes Long Considered Passé

Is that your usual tone of voice? [P]

No wonder those who know you well [TG]

(I speak of Brenda, Babs and Joyce) [Roland]

Consider you the spawn of Hell [P]

Your body language is enough [Roland]

To drive away your friends and kin [TG]

And as for all that other stuff [Roland]

It's strange no-one has done you in [TG]

Yes, this is how I always am [Roland]

And those who know me well concede [P]

(I speak of Doris, Jean and Pam) [Roland]

I'm not the best of men indeed [P]

My strange aroma can't entice [Roland]

The meanest wretch to be my friend [TG]

And though I seldom bother twice [Roland]

I'm sure I'll marry in the end [TG]

Contributors: P, TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 23rd March 2004 by Anon..