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Good citizens, attend this moral tale [Beefy ]

Renowned in bars and taverns on the Thames [Anon.]

A tale to show that even heroes fail [Beefy ]

Yet seldom stoop to sewing up their hems [loaf]

Morality, you see, has need of fray [Kansassampanman]

And when fray has set in, you can never go back [Karin]

Nor forward, when the seamstress of the day [loaf]

Surrenders in the face of such a tack [Beefy ]

Licentious fortune! How the hero, tripped [Roland]

As it were, by heeding not the game [Grayman]

Must stagger on, his robe of office ripped [Roland]

Eventually to advertise his shame [Kansas Sam]

Never restitution in this world to make [Grayman]

That's how a stitch in time saves nine, for heaven's sake! [loaf]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, loaf, Kansassampanman, Karin, Grayman, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 18th March 2004 by Kansas Sam.