The Spoonbill Generator

A Mile Beyond The World May Be A Maiden

Congealing in a fusty box [Roland]

There's always half a pair of socks [TG]

One sausage in a paper bag [Roland]

A tennis ball, an oily rag [TG]

Yet scrutiny may scarce detect [Roland]

The hidden treasures that collect [TG]

Amid the depths of the settee [Roland]

The history of you and me [TG]

These tarnished coins from foreign lands [Roland]

The old Doubloons, the golden Rands [XPX]

May once have graced the palms of kings [TG]

But surely not these other things: [P]

A knotted lace, a half-sucked mint [TG]

A faintly pornographic print [Roland]

A rubber band, a brass kazoo [TG]

The history of me and you [Roland]

This unsoled shoe, this empty frame [TG]

This sampler with the missing name [Roland]

Where once was hope, now left forlorn [TG]

Commemorating the unborn [Roland]

This blackened spoon, this ragged gown [TG]

This map of some forgotten town [Roland]

Abandoned all, without a fuss [TG]

The history of them and us [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, TG, P.
Poem finished: 8th March 2004 by TG.