The Spoonbill Generator

Near Creepy Cow Lane

The last time I polkaed with Ted [Karin]

The rose in his teeth gave me dread [Kansas Sam]

Ted was always a bit over the top [Karin]

He gave me the creeps when I was young [Apsley]

Ted started the fad of splitting the tongue [Karin]

That noone really felt inclined to stop [loaf]

None, save I, in goddess' gear could bear [Apsley]

The combing-forward of his single hair [Kansas Sam]

Our Ted was quite the fop [Karin]

It still makes me shiver to think [Irene]

The way t hat he swizzled his drink [Anon.]

And sprayed it all over the shop [Beefy ]

So the last time I polkaed with Ted [Irene]

I decided I must make him dead [Karin]

My motto was "Bop 'til you drop!" [Beefy ]

Contributors: Karin, Kansas Sam, Apsley, loaf, Irene, Anon., Beefy.
Poem finished: 25th February 2004 by Karin.