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All My Cousins, Surely

Goatish hovels - for the poor? [Apsley]

Rather let us hope [Surlaw]

That Emily from Chandrapuhr [Apsley]

Will spurn the velvet rope [Surlaw]

In high disdain [Apsley]

Her floating robe of silken white [Surlaw]

Shimmers on the throne [Apsley]

That Emily from Augenscheidt [Surlaw]

Had fashioned from a scone [Apsley]

In old Bahrain [Surlaw]

For Emily's a stately chick [Apsley]

Silent as a rake [Surlaw]

And likes to wave a brazen stick [Apsley]

Or else a piece of rotting hake [Surlaw]

In Penny Lane [Shipp]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw, Shipp.
Poem finished: 25th February 2004 by Anon..