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Clandestine Openings Like That

Meet me in the arboretum [Irene]

Under the yum-yum tree [Kansas Sam (from a film)]

The heads we wore on Easter Island [Andy Hinds]

Seem almost irrelevant now [Beefy ]

In the evanescence of the sea [Apsley]

Meet me in the glass house [chaise]

Or I'll be rude to you [Apsley]

And wash your filthy linen [loaf]

In polychlorinated biphenyls [Kansas Sam]

In the square where your kiss first I knew [Irene]

Meet me by the goldfish pond [Kansas Sam]

The small one, with the gnome [Grayman]

The cake we ate on Easter Sunday [Beefy ]

Seems every bit as stale [loaf]

As the chocolate egg we left at home [Beefy ]

Meet me in the afterlife [Roland]

And bring your auntie's cat [Grayman]

And watch the fishy women [loaf]

Rise again to the bate [chaise]

In the pond where the shark once sat [Irene]

Meet me in the Astrodome [Beefy ]

Where minstrels fear to tread [Irene]

The astroturf is dying [Karin]

The jester sideline casting [Irene]

Sweet perfume upon the dead [Grayman]

Dammit, just meet me somewhere! [Beefy ]

I assume you still exist! [Grayman]

I saw your ascension [chaise]

Are you capable of feeling [Beefy ]

How odd you should mention... [chaise]

Why do I feel an extension? [Apsley]

Contributors: Irene, Kansas Sam (from a film), Andy Hinds, Beefy, Apsley, chaise, loaf, Kansas Sam, Grayman, Roland, Karin.
Poem finished: 22nd February 2004 by Anon..