The Spoonbill Generator

Composers In The Ground

Just say "Baroque" and choral hymns [Beefy ]

And Leipzig comes to mind [Roland]

But yesteryear's remembrance dims [Beefy ]

As Eminem's armed Shady Slims [Kansas Sam]

Will overthrow love's fortune's find [Beefy ]

Just say "Banal"? You really dare [loaf]

To analyse love - leave in shame! [Beefy ]

To pin it like a butterfly [Grayman]

All etherised, as cannons cry [loaf]

Befuddles each romantic game [Beefy ]

JUST SAY NO! It has to halt! [LaoFuZhi]

By rights all harm must stop [LoaF]

To slay it like a well dead thing [LaoFuZhi]

And comfort to the mourners bring [Grayman]

Pour on unguent, livening each new crop [Beefy ]

Rejuvinating everything and everyone with each small drop. [Lance]


Contributors: Beefy, Roland, Kansas Sam, loaf, Grayman, LaoFuZhi, LoaF, Lance, Anon..
Poem finished: 17th February 2004 by Beefy.