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The Better To Infiltrate Someone's Affections

I never saw you in a dream [Roland]

Nor smelt you on the breeze [Beefy ]

And yet, in fortune's wayward scheme [Roland]

Your brilliant toothies, all agleam, [Kansas Sam]

Could make the darkest raincloud seem [Beefy ]

A sassy, flirty tease [Karin]

I see you in my dental chair [Kansas Sam]

With deftly-polished fangs [loaf]

And think you to be something else [Apsley]

That ought not to be there [Roland]

You shun all kind of pattern [Apsley]

That history has endorsed [loaf]

Except of General Patten [Apsley]

Who studied Caesar's Latin [loaf]

Until he was food-forced [Apsley]

The sassy, flirty slattern [loaf]

Henceforth you'll bow and call me Hamm [Apsley]

Neglect my every need [loaf]

And bring me in a wheeléd lamb [Apsley]

Which, parked adjacent to my pram [loaf]

And pills, is all I really need [Apsley]

By way of mascot, stooge or steed [Roland]

I don't desire to pull your teeth [Apsley]

Those deftly-polished fangs [loaf]

Make me dream of Martinique [Beefy ]

And choose your wreath [loaf]

I never dreamt I'd see you thus [Beefy ]

Bedecked with satay sauce [Grayman]

Speadeagled in the camper-'bus [loaf]

As if an ancient blunderbuss [Beefy ]

Had sent you home as dross [Kansas Sam]

For, in conclusion, poets say [Apsley]

Supercalifragilistic [Anon.]

One tomorrow, one today [loaf]

Their meaning's somewhat mystic [Beefy ]

Contributors: Roland, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Karin, loaf, Apsley, Grayman, Anon..
Poem finished: 10th February 2004 by Anon..