The Spoonbill Generator

Baltic Bang

Do not go gently into that goodnight [jm]

Rage, rage against the flying of the kite [loaf]

And if that seems too much, reflect on this: [Beefy ]

A couple of H-bombs could flatten the Swiss [Kansas Sam]

Not that I hate them, or not very much, [Apsley]

It's just that their knives, cheese, and Heidi, and such [Kansas Sam]

it all depends on the circumstances [Lydia Santos]

Waffly cheese? Just look at France's... [jm]

Did not Dirk Gently fight the good fight? [Beefy ]

Yeah, but Lister and Cat had the balance struck right [chaise]

Until they fell foul of the psiren's sweet kiss [Beefy ]

At which time the holistic nature of this [Grayman]

Caused a surge in the flux to the hyperdrive clutch [Beefy ]

Which caused the engine to strangle and thrutch [jm]

And put a swift end to on-board romances [Beefy ]

Which caused no end of stolen glances... [Kansas Sam]

Contributors: jm, loaf, Beefy, Kansas Sam, Apsley, Lydia Santos, chaise, Grayman.
Poem finished: 10th February 2004 by Beefy.