The Spoonbill Generator

The Oast-House Symposium

It moves an inch a minute [Surlaw]

My pocket megaphone [Apsley]

If you once looked in it [Surlaw]

You'd soon become a drone [Apsley]

Yes, you could not credit [Surlaw]

The wealth that it inspires [Apsley]

Lest we try to edit [Surlaw]

The light of sundry fires [Apsley]

Fourteen over seven [Surlaw]

Is my age in years [Apsley]

Add to eleven [Surlaw]

For the wight of years [Apsley]

Before it ends in tears [Surlaw]

I speak in it each morning, [Apsley]

My endoscope of jade [Surlaw]

That every day is fawning [Apsley]

And every sense conveyed [Surlaw]

To those of lesser years [Apsley]

Before it ends in tears [(trad)]

Its workings are a marvel [Apsley]

It sees down every throat [Surlaw]

Into the gut that's laval [Apsley]

It tips the antidote [Surlaw]

Essence of goat [Apsley]

Envoi [Surlaw]

Invention's ever new and bold [Apsley]

Yet truth is never undersold [Surlaw]

Contributors: Surlaw, Apsley, (trad).
Poem finished: 8th February 2004 by Apsley.