The Spoonbill Generator

Further Epsom Salts

How far can we fall [Roland]

From His Grace's good graces? [Kansas Sam]

Down from the wall [loaf]

And off to the races [Grayman]

Flat on our faces [Roland]

How high can we climb [Beefy ]

From Her Ladyship's ladies? [fester]

To the sublime [Beefy ]

From darkest Hades [Roland]

(Where every Shade is) [fester]

How close can we follow [chaise]

The Count's arcane accounts [Beefy ]

How much closer until we bump into [Jennifer Wagner]

Danger by the ounce [loaf]

Hurry hurry what should we do [Jessica Cullen]

Shall we be threw and start anew? [Maria Pascucci]

Contributors: Roland, Kansas Sam, loaf, Grayman, Beefy, fester, chaise, Jennifer Wagner, Jessica Cullen, Maria Pascucci.
Poem finished: 3rd February 2004 by Anon..