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Pale Mutabilities Of Death In Wales

Forget them all, their necks, their eyes [loaf]

Their pale grey suits; their off white ties. [Gussie]

They see all, know all, all despise [Ethetran]

And scarcely know they're born [loaf]

They hold us all in scorn [Grayman]

Beneath their bureaucrat disguise [Ethetran]

For them a night of working late [loaf]

Gives credence to what they create [chaise]

They network, plot, ingratiate [ellie]

And always watch their backs [Beefy ]

Their intellects are lax [Roland]

They engender only hate [Karin]

Instead, remember Genghis Khan [Roland]

His bloodied swords; his horsehide on. [jm]

And know that it will dawn upon [chaise]

These islands in a week or two - [Apsley]

To off! each off-white tie [Kansas Sam]

To soil each polished shoe [loaf]

In short, all clothing to remove [Apsley]

To see bare skin which you cannot refuse [JoAnna Lucas]

With whiteness of skin exposed [Deborah Dufel]

On which some chocolate cream you could lose [Apsley]

More easily than you'd supposed [Beefy ]

But harder than following what's under your nose [chaise]

Contributors: loaf, Gussie, Ethetran, Grayman, chaise, ellie, Beefy, Roland, Karin, jm, Apsley, Kansas Sam, JoAnna Lucas, Deborah Dufel.
Poem finished: 2nd February 2004 by Anon..