The Spoonbill Generator

Flight Recorder In Mink

Shocked by his failure to fly, [Roland]

The penguin vowed anew: [Ethetran]

Until the day I die [loaf]

I'll remain to my nature true [Karin]

And waddle is what I'll do... [jm]

I shan't learn Romansch nor Walloon [Roland]

Esperanto is just not for me [Karin]

I shan't write a best-selling tune [loaf]

Or engage in Semaphore repartee [jm]

Nor count from two to three [Anon.]

I'll be emperor of all I survey [chaise]

But only for a day [jm]

I shan't paint a portrait in oils [Roland]

Being pied has its negative side [chaise]

I shan't wear my coiffure in coils [loaf]

Nor have my pinfeathers dyed [Karin]

... to which his mate replied: [loaf]

"When waddling on very thin ice, [chaise]

Ambition compounds with despair [Roland]

Remember that impennes are nice [chaise]

You haven't got quills, you've got hair [loaf]

And a penguin aloft is quite rare." [chaise]

Being emperor of all you reject [loaf]

Is what penguinly Zen doth direct [Kansas Sam]

So check that each flipper is sorted [loaf]

Such that left isn't right (which is wrong) [Kansas Sam]

And dive under to the opposite sky [JoAnna Lucas]

While warbling your Antarctic song [Karin]

atop of his white throne [Deborah Dufel]

Contributors: Roland, Ethetran, loaf, Karin, jm, chaise, Kansas Sam, JoAnna Lucas, Deborah Dufel.
Poem finished: 1st February 2004 by Anon..