The Spoonbill Generator

Semicolon Failings

The scarlet letter, none too soon [loaf]

Escaped the dark side of the moon [Ethetran]

And echoes through the black despair [loaf]

In search of the apparent heir [Beefy ]

The beaten wings of my forgotten solitaire [chaise]

Emblazoned on my pallid brow [loaf]

A shiny metal sacred cow [jm]

And through the hawthorn blows a wind [loaf]

Reminding me of when I sinned [Beefy ]

And reminding the masses of where, why and how [jm]

So half-a-dozen honest thieves [loaf]

Will make off with these rusty leaves [Apsley]

From books of irony and brass [loaf]

By Greenaway transformed to grass [Apsley]

With Cato the Conspirator behind the glass [loaf]

Nathaniel Hawthorne, dashing wit, [Apsley]

Was never one to idly sit [Beefy ]

In optimistic glee [chaise]

He'd crouch forlornly in a tree [Roland]

And pour scorn on the masses with bile-mottled spit [Beefy ]

Contributors: loaf, Ethetran, Beefy, chaise, jm, Apsley, Roland.
Poem finished: 29th January 2004 by Anon..