The Spoonbill Generator

Thesis For A Standard Text

Said the shaman to the showman [Roland]

Show me first your shame [chaise]

If you defy the omen [Roland]

Mash and wash this man and woman [jm]

Said the showman to the shaman [Stacy Alexander]

Use your secret name [Roland]

To scarify the stamen [TG]

That paralysed the cayman [loaf]

Said the layman to the lowman [chaise]

Loan me first your lame [jm]

And yield unto the yeoman [Beefy ]

Everywhere you go, man ... [loaf]

Said the lowman to the layman [asdf]

Fetch someone to blame [jm]

But not that blasted shaman [loaf]

Or we he'll be a mamin' [jm]

Said the binman to the barman [Lee]

"Woss your bleedin' game?" [loaf]

"I want another jar, man!" [Lee]

So much for Tutankhamen [Beefy ]

Said the barman to the binman [Ethetran]

"That's the price of fame" [Beefy ]

Just go and ask The Tin Man [jm]

In the alley known as Tin Pan [Beefy ]

Said the batman to the bowman [jm]

"Aren't you glad you came?" [loaf]

"Yes, but tis time to go, man." [jm]

'Twas too hot for a snowman [Anon.]

Said the bowman to the batman [Ethetran]

"Light my sacred flame," [loaf]

"Before the bloody VAT man [Beefy ]

Sends us all to Kathman... du!" [jm]

Contributors: Roland, chaise, jm, Stacy Alexander, TG, loaf, Beefy, asdf, Lee, Ethetran.
Poem finished: 28th January 2004 by Anon..