The Spoonbill Generator

Each Syllable Concocted By Buddhists

The pulse that beats within a flea [Roland]

Is scarcely more than flutter [TG]

So if you take one home for tea [Roland]

Don't think that it will utter [Apsley]

A paean to the butter [Anon.]

The pills that rattle in the jar [TG]

Foretell some inner ruction [Roland]

That neighbours will soon hear afar [Apsley]

In token of destruction [loaf]

A coded voice instruction [Apsley]

The polls that put us far ahead [loaf]

Are very much affected [Beefy ]

By proxies cast among the dead [Roland]

Alas, still disaffected [Kansas Sam]

Too late to be corrected [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, TG, Apsley, loaf, Beefy, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 26th January 2004 by Apsley.