The Spoonbill Generator

Little Holly Sat Upon Her

I'm the only gay in the village [Lee]

People try to help and cry "Relax" [chaise]

It seems the village people understand [Ethetran]

I'm hardly ever subject to attacks [Beefy ]

Return to normal my limp hand I'm Rich [chaise]

Looking good in silk shirt and skin-tight cotton slacks [Big Andy]

I'm the only steed in the town [chaise]

The others have been "fixed" [Ethetran]

I'm fully functional and rightly proud [Big Andy]

My curiosity at times is mixed [chaise]

Cruising the boardwalk after dark I'm cool [TG]

This masculinity has got to be deep sixed [jm]

Contributors: Lee, chaise, Ethetran, Beefy, Big Andy, TG, jm.
Poem finished: 25th January 2004 by TG.