The Spoonbill Generator

Despite Differences In Our Neckties

Judicious pruning - of a bush - [Apsley]

Before you - wear a thong - [F]

Oh disappointment ... [loaf]

Woe is me [Lee]

The world has all gone wrong [loaf]

Judicious choosing - of a phrase - [Beefy ]

Before you - wear a smirk - [chaise]

Oh flying ointment ... [loaf]

Can't you see [Beefy ]

The secateurs at work? [Roland]

Judicious conning - of a mark - [asdf]

Before you - wear him down [Beefy ]

Oh fine distinction ... [loaf]

What will be [chaise]

Will be come feint or frown [loaf]

Contributors: Apsley, F, loaf, Lee, Beefy, chaise, Roland, asdf.
Poem finished: 20th January 2004 by Anon..