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Weekend Sorrows Melt In Ale

Happy birthday, Kimberley, let's head off to the bar [Beefy ]

Take my heart with you - wherever you are [chaise]

Let's shake off the winter's chill and down a merry jar [Beefy ]

Yeah... let's party, on this tide of cock-a-hoop. Hip hip. Hoo-rah. [chaise]

Happy Easter, Meredith, let's head off to the jail [F]

Let's see it again - before we jump bail [Kansas Sam]

Really, I have never felt so hearty and hale! [F]

Nope... it's over. Can't talk about bail 'n' jail. Must end the tale. [jm]

Contributors: Beefy, chaise, F, Kansas Sam, jm.
Poem finished: 17th January 2004 by Anon..