The Spoonbill Generator

Sector Vector Ejector

In this one thing all others meet [mikestand]

This 'thing' with callused monstrous feet [F]

Hairy hands and scaly back [Padfoot]

Drooling mouth and smoker's hack [F]

A thing so vile to behold [Big Andy]

That children, when the tale is told, [Beefy ]

Shake with fear and wet the bed [Lee]

At the thought of being fed [jm]

Into the creature's gaping maw [Lee]

To undergo digestion, raw [Beefy ]

In rancid yellow stomach juice [Lee]

Which greases them for bowelly sluice [Kansas Sam]

Around which they will twist and turn [jm]

Until, at last excreted, learn [W. Brad Carter]

That frightened children should not sleep [jm]

Without at first counting their sheep [chaise]

Who leap fences in a farmy dance [jm]

And gently nudge tots into trance [Karin]

Of sleep that monsters still invade [Kansas Sam]

In dreams where darkest fears are played [jm]

Of things with hairy hands and feet [Kansas Sam]

And a nasty ewe with a killer bleat [Karin]

Contributors: mikestand, F, Padfoot, Big Andy, Beefy, Lee, jm, Kansas Sam, W. Brad Carter, chaise, Karin.
Poem finished: 16th January 2004 by Anon..