The Spoonbill Generator

Tsunamis Get The Surfers

Well! That relief was pretty short [Roland]

From buffets and the like [Apsley]

Our breath (exhaled) again is caught [Ethetran]

Is every gathering so fraught? [Grayman]

It's nothing like what we were taught [Beefy ]

Before the General Strike [Roland]

Tell! The ball is in your court [jm]

So biff it over here [Beefy ]

To you it may not look like sport [loaf]

Indeed, it may amount to nought [Grayman]

And thus, I deem, we should abort [Roland]

I fear the end is near [Padfoot]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, Ethetran, Grayman, Beefy, jm, loaf, Padfoot.
Poem finished: 13th January 2004 by Anon..