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His Own Lewd Vespers

My penchant's mathematical [Apsley]

Where curvature's concerned [Roland]

While Newton's on sabbatical [Kansas Sam]

(Excursion richly earned) [Roland]

I find it problematical [Ethetran]

And actually quite lewd [jm]

How he that wench pursued [loaf]

My meaning's philological [Beefy ]

Where thievery's the nub [Kansas Sam]

And not shrill or logical [jm]

For those who reason snub [P]

You see it's still methodical [jm]

This proof of Newton's filch [Kansas Sam]

It added up to zilch [jm]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, Kansas Sam, Ethetran, jm, loaf, Beefy, P.
Poem finished: 11th January 2004 by Anon..