The Spoonbill Generator

Allowing Rembrandt His Fish Supper

Between the pilot and the prow [Roland]

We find the nestled then and now [Apsley]

O, incident! How cruelly poised [Roland]

Like nails on chalkboard to be noised [asdf]

Before the silence stilled the clock [Roland]

We cowered meekly in the dock [Ethetran]

O, innocence! How cruelly marred [Roland]

Ancient felon feathered and tarred [jm]

And now? In sumptuous decay [Roland]

We wait the ending of the day [Beefy ]

We'll eat a meal we won't digest [Kansas Sam]

We're half-naked, but not half-dressed [jm]

It's not too late to hoist a sail [P]

And face the coast to what avail [Roland]

This sinking ship is floating now [jm]

Between the pilot and the prow [Kansas Sam (from Roland)]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, asdf, Ethetran, jm, Beefy, Kansas Sam, P, Kansas Sam (from Roland).
Poem finished: 10th January 2004 by Anon..