The Spoonbill Generator

Otherworldly Stuff By Bob

Quentin Tarantino [Beefy ]

Does a mean fandango [Apsley]

Look in The Beano [Roland]

While you sip your vino [F]

Werner Herzog [Roland]

In weltschmerz fog [Kansas Sam]

Too artsy-fartsy for me [F]

My film-class classmates marveled at my 'C' [Kansas Sam]

Kubrick spins my wheels [F]

He knows how it feels [Beefy ]

For a paranoid computer [Grayman]

To make embryos look cuter [Beefy ]

Quite often, John Woo [Ethetran]

Maxes out on kung fu [Beefy ]

Is his volence schtick merely reductio ad absurdum? [Kansas Sam]

And you couldn't recall the names of most of his films even if you'd heard 'em [Beefy ]

Luis Bunuel [Roland]

Ate angels on toast [Apsley]

With Dalý lashed to the bedpost [Matt Cole]

It was his funeral [Apsley]

Ang Lee never fails to surprise [Karin]

Us folks with roundish eyes [Kansas Sam]

Give me the storms of ice and dragons unseen [Gussie]

But I confess I passed on the big mean green [Karin]

'Fiddle-dee-dee' said Scarlett [F]

Though no-one heard bar Rhett [Nym]

It was all a flim-flam [Grayman]

Till she got in a jam [Beefy ]

'Strike that...reverse it' said Wonka [Kansas Sam]

Wanker said strike the reverse of it [Nigel Sly]

And Brooks morphs to Burton, and Hot Wheels to Tonka [Gussie]

And that, frankly, is the curse of it. [loaf]

Contributors: Beefy, Apsley, Roland, F, Kansas Sam, Grayman, Ethetran, Matt Cole, Karin, Gussie, Nym, Nigel Sly, loaf.
Poem finished: 9th January 2004 by Beefy.