The Spoonbill Generator

On A String Covered Ottoman

Mistaken for a crayfish [loaf]

Misshapen like a gnome [Beefy ]

10:30 at the latest [Grayman]

Time to leave for home [Roland]

Time to put the kettle on [Beefy ]

We'll have some herbal tea [Big Andy]

And settle by the telephone [Beefy ]

To await the call that he [Karin]

Promised when we parted [Beefy ]

Just ten days ago [Big Andy]

I wish I hadn't tarted [Beefy ]

Up like some old ho' [F]

I never should have gone there [Beefy ]

But whadya gonna do [Anon.]

I had to string along where [Grayman]

The Reeperbahn's in view [loaf]

I had to make one last try [Beefy ]

As me - not as Kabuki [Kansas Sam]

I'm not even Samurai [F]

How could he think me kooky? [TG]

(And, yes, I'm a transvestite) [F]

But call me crayfish? - that ain't right! [TG]

Contributors: loaf, Beefy, Grayman, Roland, Big Andy, Karin, F, Anon., Kansas Sam, TG.
Poem finished: 3rd January 2004 by Anon..