The Spoonbill Generator

Lament Not The Passing Of Haliborange

Twenty past midnight, I want to go home [Beefy ]

Though both of the concerts were grand [Roland]

The acoustics were great in St. Peter's Dome [F]

Who knew he had such a great band? [Beefy ]

Ten past eleven, I want to withdraw [F]

Though both of the consorts were sweet [Roland]

And I knew that neither was wearing a bra [F]

I could see by the great lack of heat [Big Andy]

Five past ten, I want to bow out [Kansas Sam]

Though both of my concepts are true [willh]

And which makes me, I know, a helluva lout [F]

But I'd still rather be me than you [Beefy ]

Contributors: Beefy, Roland, F, Big Andy, Kansas Sam, willh.
Poem finished: 29th December 2003 by Anon..