The Spoonbill Generator

Pies And Astrolabes

Body-rot, on crocodiles [loaf]

Serves the beastly cause [Kansas Sam]

As do alligators sporting see-through bras [F]

Athletes foot on marmosets [Padfoot]

Causes them to itch [F]

Not unlike your replicas of long-dead stars [loaf]

Broken legs on three-toed sloths [Beefy ]

Crippled on all fours [Roland]

By those drunken and marauding Visigoths [F]

In-grown nails on gastropods [loaf]

Such a lovely sight [F]

If you're into that sort of thing [N]

Contributors: loaf, Kansas Sam, F, Padfoot, Beefy, Roland, N.
Poem finished: 12th December 2003 by Anon..