The Spoonbill Generator

If I Illuminate Life Only Slightly, I Shall

I was born a prisoner in your dungeon of fish [Olson Blip]

Your dungeon of fish, it was dark [Grayman]

Not even a herring to lighten the gloom [Beefy ]

To lighten the gloom with a spark [Grayman]

I have lived, a victim of your fish fuelled obsession [Big Andy]

Your fish-fuelled obsession is weird [Beefy ]

Fish Comrads! Let us now end this opression! [Kansas Sam]

(But first, let me grow a full beard) [F]

Contributors: Olson Blip, Grayman, Beefy, Big Andy, Kansas Sam, F.
Poem finished: 9th December 2003 by Anon..