The Spoonbill Generator

Eardrums In The Dark Theatre

I never sensed a larger void [Roland]

With my vacuuoscope [Ethetran]

Than that attributed to Freud [Beefy ]

Who read my horoscope [F]

And, sensing I was much annoyed [Beefy ]

Removed my scented soap [Roland]

I never saw a rounder hoop [F]

With my cyclotron [Roland]

The perfect circle makes me whoop [F]

And mimic Elton John [Beefy ]

Chickens in the Chicken coop [Slippery Sam]

And in the woods a faun [F]

I never heard a louder scream [Big Andy]

With my hearing aid [N]

Except at night in my dream [Big Andy]

When chimeras invade [N]

And pale cicadas gleam [Roland]

Beneath the leafy shade [N]

I never felt a harder thwack [F]

With my velvet hammer [N]

Nor am I one to so attack [F]

A lady with a stammer [N]

My m.o.-- a gentle smack [F]

When you forget your grammar [N]

Contributors: Roland, Ethetran, Beefy, F, Slippery Sam, Big Andy, N.
Poem finished: 25th November 2003 by Anon..