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The Food Of Minotaurs

I hear that you like pepperoni [F]

But I reckon ham should be boney [N]

But not if it's sliced [F]

Or expertly diced [quasi]

Anything else would be phony [F]

I know that you're partial to cheese [N]

I've seen you so avidly seize [F]

A slab of red cheddar [N]

Brie is much better [F]

Pass me the parmesan, please [quasi]

Your favourite fruit is tomato [Nym]

Favorite tuber--potato [F]

Your favourite meat [quasi]

Is pickled pig's feet [F]

And after, a scoop of gelato [N]

Er, NATO rhymes, not gelato [F]

But tomato UK rhymes with 'car toe' [Grayman]

Potato does not [N]

So I don't know what [Ethetran]

To store inside my silo [Big Andy]

"This rhyming is hard", said Lord Beauchamp [Beefy ]

These blackguards! I reckon I'll teach 'em [Roland]

With a smile, risque [Big Andy]

Rhymes not bisque but Biscay [Beefy ]

But such subtleties never will reach 'em [Ethetran]

Contributors: F, N, quasi, Nym, Grayman, Ethetran, Big Andy, Beefy, Roland.
Poem finished: 24th November 2003 by Anon..