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The Allure Is Fortunately Passing

When I was only seventeen, I fell in love with a Gypsy queen [Big Andy]

Her hair was dark, her eyes were bright, I wanted her that very night [Beefy ]

But first she made me sit and hear misfortunes of my love career [Kansas Sam]

I knew somehow it wasn't right; she told me, "Hey, go fly a kite" [F]

When I had barely turned eighteen, my heart was set upon Irene [N]

Her nose was red, her toenails blue; I knew then what I had to do [F]

Declaring that I'd die for her, I bought a coat of sable-fur [N]

Callow youth, I thought to woo with gifts some whore who was untrue [F]

When I had lived but nineteen years, I loved a girl with pointy ears [Grayman]

She was a little Vulcan tart; but nonetheless, she broke my heart [F]

She told me that she thought me 'cute', but ran of with some Klingon brute [Big Andy]

Love is an unlikely art; I now evade Sir Cupid's dart [F]

Contributors: Big Andy, Beefy, Kansas Sam, F, N, Grayman.
Poem finished: 23rd November 2003 by Anon..