The Spoonbill Generator

Fish Jam Voting

The elephants of Iceland were meeting for the talks [Big Andy]

Where their policy on jam would be decided [Ethetran]

They all dropped yellow ballots in a purple ballot box [Irene Adler]

Except for Pach E. Derm, who had presided [Kansas Sam]

The leaders took the ballot box and went away to count [Irene Adler]

though none of them were very good with numbers [Big Andy]

They got as far as fifty-three then gave up in despair [N]

And went away to feast on roast cucumbers [Big Andy]

The herd, of course, was pondering which way the vote would go [N]

While swinging trunks to quell their great impatience [F]

The sky went dark, the night came on, and still they had to wait [N]

Sitting 'round the fire with their relations [Irene Adler]

The morning came, and still no sign: was jam OK or not? [N]

At last, the crowd saw Derm wave "shush" with trunk [Kansas Sam]

They quieted their children and gathered close around [Irene Adler]

To learn their jammy lot - or so they thunk ... [Beefy ]

"Oh, fellow 'phants the news I have is grave beyond belief [Big Andy]

I scarcely know just how to introduce it [Beefy ]

I'd now announce the tally if your votes were here to count [Kansas Sam]

So be on the lookout for the purple ballot box bandit [smrtypnts]

In the meantime, here's a plan to save us from this jam [Kansas Sam]

For now we will eat marmalade instead [F]

Now ... to those of you who voted elsewise: please don't call it 'sham' [Kansas Sam (the Sham)]

For jam don't taste as half as good on bread [N]

Contributors: Big Andy, Ethetran, Irene Adler, Kansas Sam, N, F, Beefy, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam (the Sham).
Poem finished: 22nd November 2003 by Anon..