The Spoonbill Generator

Burns With Mayflowers Downstream

My love is like a red, red nose [Ethetran]

That only drips in winter [F]

And cultivates a hairy growth [Big Andy]

In just one nostril, sometimes both [Grayman]

This simile, though, I suppose [Ethetran]

Begins to twist and splinter [Grayman]

My love is wont to juxtapose [Bob Redfoot]

Especially in summer [Big Andy]

A top hat and a tennis shoe [N]

My sweetheart and a chimney flue [F]

Unripe bananas - six of those [N]

and tender artichokes in rows [Anon.]

He screwed it - what a bummer! [N]

Contributors: Ethetran, F, Big Andy, Grayman, Bob Redfoot, N, Anon..
Poem finished: 21st November 2003 by Anon..