The Spoonbill Generator

Jerry-built Riffs

There once was lady from Knox [N]

Who gave all the clergy "the pox" [F]

But none would admit [N]

Carnal knowledge one whit [Ventnor]

And would only fondle their lox [F]

There was a young lad from Hong Kong [N]

Who had an extremely long schlong [F]

While sailing his junk [N]

He lived like a monk [F]

And sucked on his Taiwanese bong [N]

There was a young lady from Perth [F]

With the biggest bazoongas on earth [N]

She wouldn't wear bras [F]

But utilised Mars [Grayman]

To align her voluptuous girth [F]

An incapable chap from Bombay [Lobster]

Declared, "I'll show you how to lay--" [F]

Just then, the poor chap [Beefy ]

stepped on a bear trap [Big Andy]

And remains there, ensnared, to this day [Ethetran]

There once was an old whore from Bonn [Lobster]

Who remarked to her regular john [Beefy ]

I'm afraid I've got [smrtypnts]

Not a tittle or jot [Beefy ]

So feel free to poke hither and yon [Kansas Sam]

A bimbo who hailed from New York [F]

Ate her soup with a knife and a fork [Kansas Sam]

She knew it was rude [F]

to gobble her food [Big Andy]

But she couldn't say no to salt pork [Beefy ]

Contributors: N, F, Ventnor, Grayman, Lobster, Beefy, Big Andy, Ethetran, smrtypnts, Kansas Sam.
Poem finished: 19th November 2003 by Anon..