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Swimming Upstream For Several Rhymes

Quietly humming his favourite tune, [N]

The greengrocer swam the Pacific [F]

And under the light of a silvery moon, [N]

Refused to be more specific - [Apsley]

He claimed he was seeking the edge of the world [N]

We knew he was mad as a hatter [F]

He'd made up a flag, which he carried unfurled [N]

And would say with a grin, "What's the matter?" [F]

Then turn on his back, and paddle away [N]

Ignoring our cries to turn back [F]

His luck was due to run out any day [Grayman]

As he entered the Gulf of Iraq ... [loaf]

Softly strumming his favourite lute [Beefy ]

the greengrocer floated Iraqwards [Big Andy]

The locals soon found that it's quite hard to shoot [Ethetran]

When your mouth's overflowing with blackwords [asdf]

Unable to kill him, they made him a saint [Beefy ]

And sent him to France for a handout [asdf]

He returned with five apples, ten litres of paint [Beefy ]

And some duct tape to keep desert sand out [asdf]

Now he prospects for American oil [loaf]

Like James Dean in that film classic, "Giant" [F]

And he staggers around when it comes to a boil [asdf]

And at times can become rather violent [F]

Contributors: N, F, Apsley, Grayman, loaf, Beefy, Big Andy, Ethetran, asdf.
Poem finished: 19th November 2003 by Anon..