The Spoonbill Generator

The Anagrams Of Our Jumbled Selves

Compose a line: especial moon [N]

A piecemeal semi-colon; spoon [Roland]

As one polemic - noisome place [N]

Poetasters: poser taste [F]

Spoonbilling: spilling boon [quasi]

One per post - Peter Spoon [F]

Smartasses - master sass [quasi]

Peels to sass: poetess lass [F]

Nym anagrams: rams gay mann [Anon.]

Francine wordplay: weird, lacy porn fan [Nym]

A man with a prong on his nose: hear a shaming wino nonstop [Karin]

English poet: Gee, thin slop! [Anon.]

A striking young man with a crop: Timothy Parkins, corn iguana [Big Andy]

Now a wan bay: No way Bwana! [Grayman]

Happy birthday Ethetran: Handy pith hat, beer, party! [Padfoot]

Mighty Aphrodite: Hi, I'm hep God - tarty! [Beefy ]

Contributors: N, Roland, F, quasi, Anon., Karin, Beefya.k.a.TG, Big Andy, Grayman, Padfoot, Beefy.
Poem finished: 17th November 2003 by Anon..